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Indian Rhythm Workout
By Pete Lockett

A companion SYNKD Rhythm Pack containing 600 Rhythm Chains for use in conjunction with the bass drum course by Wojtek Deregowski.


How to Use This Rhythm Pack

Please refer to the e-book provided with his course for all of the correlating exercises.  Each folder within the pack is organized by the  sections of the course and each SYNKD Rhythm Chain is labeled for quick and easy reference.


To get the most out of this pack, please make use of the following features included in SYNKD:


     1. Bar Isolation- Simply tap the  small bar(s) that you want to isolate and they will be played back on loop.  This is highly recommended when working on either the accented patterns or the rhythmic phrase.

     2.  Reference Beat- This will give you a constant underlying quarter note pulse.  It is highly recommended to use with syncopated patterns.

     3.  Ghost Bar- This feature allows you to silence bar(s) in a chain double tapping a main bar in a chain you make it more challenging.

All Exercises Organized by Chapter


100+ Rhythm Chains

Change tempo, make modifications, loop sections, and mute individual bars.

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