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3 Over 4 Accent Grid

This lesson is to be used in conjunction with the “Time Test 4 Bars” Rhythm Chain that can be found in the “Timing” SYNKD Rhythm Pack as well as the “3 Over 4” chain that can be found in the “Polyrhythms” Rhythm Pack.

This lesson deals with the 3 over 4 polyrhythm but with a paradiddle sticking pattern applied to it. This sticking gives this a very natural hand to hand motion.

The purpose behind this lesson is to get comfortable with the polyrhythm but to also can freedom with accents in a sticking pattern that we might not naturally play in a given note rate making this a great exercise for both the brain, hands, and the ears.

In each exercise we are going to move the accent through the sticking just the way we would with 16th notes. Some of these can be tricky to hear at first, so go slow.

Exercises 1-4 deal with single accents.

In exercise 5 we are playing a 3 over 2 accent structure but the sticking is still that of 3 over 4.

Exercises 6 is simply the displacement of the previous by one eighth note.

Exercises 7-10 use double accents.

Exercises 11-14 use triple accents.

Finally in exercise 15 we will be accenting all of the notes.

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