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7-Day Pad Routine: Week 3

Updated: May 11, 2020

These 5 drills are to be used in conjunction with rhythm chains that can be found in the World Rhythm Chains pack available in the SYNKD store. The appropriate Rhythm Chain is illustrated first followed by the exercise.

Exercise 1. Tempo Range: 100-150bpm This drill focuses on shifting between single hand accents and singles with accenting the rhythmic phrase.

Exercise 2. Tempo Range: 50-80bpm This drill focuses on the lead hand playing the rhythm as accents and then interpreted as 32nd note diddles.

Exercise 3. Tempo Range: 60-90bpm This drill focuses on transitioning between accents, flams, and double fill ins.

Exercise 4. Tempo Range: 50-75bpm This drill focuses on playing the pattern as 16th notes diddles, fill ins, and 32nd note diddles. Notice the difference in both the feel and sound of bars 2 and 4.

Exercise 5. Tempo Range: 50-80bpm This drill focuses on playing the rhythmic phrase in note rates with an extra accent for embellishment


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