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Changing Note Rates Within a Phrase

This lessons is designed to be used in conjunction with the “Rhumba Clave 3-2” SYNKD Rhythm Chain that can be found in the “World Rhythms” rhythm pack available in there SYNKD Store.

The ability to go between any two note rates is an invaluable skill for any musician. This lesson is designed to get you comfortable with moving between 16th notes and triplets.

To make things more interesting and musical we are going to be using the accent structure of the 3:2 Rhumba Clave within this idea.

All of these exercises should be played as single strokes leading with either hand.

3:2 Rhumba Clave-16th Notes/Triplets

Practice these two patterns until it is so ingrained into your muscle memory that you can do it in your sleep. Take your time, especially with the triplet pattern since it might be a new application of this rhythm for you. Be sure to alternate which hand you're leading with as well.

Exercises 1-16

In each of the next 16 bars we are going to start substituting a triplet on each of the possible quarter note positions. Progressively, the triplets will replace the 16th notes.

Pay close attention to the accents and how the feel of each bar changes drastically.

The goal is to eventually be able to improvise with the changing note rates within this idea.

Another great way to practice this is with the “Time Test 4 Bars” Rhythm Chain available in the “Timing Chains” pack. By not having a constant quarter note to lean on a lot of things become more apparent, especially with the accents.

Go slowly.

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