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Moving an Idea

Updated: Sep 28, 2018

Sometimes as musicians we get stuck in doing things a certain way. This lesson is designed to help break out of that pattern.

When we tend to play a six-note grouping, we naturally tend to play those as sextuplets. We can create some very interesting over-the-beat and over-the-bar-line phrases by using that pattern in another note rate.

For our purposes we are going to play them as 16th notes.

For this lesson we are going to use a paradiddle-diddle as our sticking. Get comfortable with the original pattern and then the 3/4 bar before attempting to get into the lesson. It is imperative that the sticking is ingrained so you are hearing the accent structure as opposed to focusing on the sticking.

The following 16 exercises move the paradiddle-diddle forward by a single 16th note. Pay attention to how the phrase changes. Mastering this idea is great for not only ironing out some technical issues you might have (pay attention to the doubles when they go over the downbeat on a given hand), but for getting off of your time and out of your comfort zone of where you might normally play this pattern.

I recommend practicing this exercise with the default click. Once you are comfortable with it, try using any of the "Micro Time" chains found in the Timing Chains SYNKD Rhythm Pack.

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