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Moving an Idea - Part 3

In this third installment of “Moving an Idea” we are going to pick up where we left off in the last two lessons but this time we are going to add the foot to the mix.

As with everything, I recommend getting this stuff solid with the default click found in SYNKD and then they should be used with the “Timing Chains” SYNKD Rhythm Pack.

We are simply going to substitute the bass drum for various parts of the paradiddle-diddle sticking that we have been working with.

Single Beat Patterns

These are all the hand foot patterns I chose for the purpose of this lesson, by no means are they’ll of them. Notice how the original sticking structure never changes even when the bass drum is moved to various parts of the sticking.

I recommend treating these as the preliminary patterns, take your time and get them down to the point that they feel effortless before moving onto the next section.

16th Note Patterns

In this section we are simply going to take the hand/foot patterns found in the previous section and apply them to the protocol of the last two posts. These make for excellent fills.

Exercises 1-14 are single bar exercises showing how things feel differently with the simple addition of the bass drum on different positions. Notice that the accent structure of the original patterns never changes.

Exercise 15 uses the 2 bar phrase that we used in the previous lesson.

Try working through all the positions with each of the patterns I provided and then do them all as two bar phrases in the same manner.

I hope this opens up some doors to what can be done with a simple idea. These are just scratching the surface.

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