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New Update Available: v3.1.11

We are pleased to announce the latest update to SYNKD for iOS! Some of the key features were designed to assist with workflow and organization.

Folder function

In “My Chains” tap “edit” in the top right corner. This will prompt you to do a few things:

1. On the left side of each chain you will see a circle, by tapping this you will be able to delete, export, or move your chains to a new folder individually or in groups.

2. To create a new folder, simply tap the “new folder” button at the bottom after entering edit mode.

Syncing Between Devices This was designed to be able to share chains between devices so you can work from the same selection of chains on your iPad as you do on your iPhone, for example.

Once you've created and saved at least one chain on one of your iOS devices, select "Sync All" from the bottom left of the "My Chains" menu. This will prompt you for an email address and password. This really can be anything - it is used to identify you on the server. If you have existing chains on the device, it will copy them to the server. If you do not have any local chains, it will copy them from the server to your device, assuming a previous Sync All was performed and there are chains on the server.

To sync chains between devices, select "Sync All" from the device with the chains you wish to sync and enter your credentials. The local chains should now be copied to the server.

On a different device, install the app and go to the "My Chains" menu. Without creating any chains, select Sync All and enter your credentials. The chains you created on the previous device should now be copied from the server to the new device.

Additional updates have been made to the app to improve functionality and remove potential bugs based on feedback we've received.

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