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Odd Meter Polyrhythm Exercises

This lesson is to be used in conjunction with the “7/8 #7” SYNKD Rhythm Chain that can be found in the “Essential Odd Times” Rhythm Pack available in the SYNKD store.

This lesson is focused on developing dexterity in both the 4-over-3 polyrhythm and getting comfortable with playing a syncopated pattern in an odd time.

Each of the following exercises focus on various interpretations of the 4-over-3 polyrhythm, but all contain the same turnarounds on beat 7.

They are as follows: a) Singles leading with the right hand b) Singles leading with the left hand c) Doubles leading with the right hand d) Doubles leading with the left hand e) Paradiddles leading with the right hand

f) Paradiddles leading with the left hand

Exercise 1 focuses on the underlying subdivision of the 4-over-3 polyrhythm. Notice that this is a simple and common variation of the traditional pattern.

Exercise 2 uses alternating singles and the accents outline the polyrhythm.

Exercise 3 deals uses the same approach as above but now the accents turn into flams. You can think of the rudiment being played as flam accents, only phrased as 16th notes.

Exercise 4 focuses on interpreting the entire pattern as 32nd notes. For our purposes we will be using paradiddle diddles as the sticking.

Exercise 5 is a simple yet effective way to develop endurance and dexterity in both hands. Simply play the all 16th notes on each hand followed by the 32nd note fill in.

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