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Resolution Points

This lesson is to be used in conjunction with the “Resolution Point #1” and the “Resolution Point #3” chains that can be found in the “Resolution Points” Rhythm Pack available in the SYNKD store.

The purpose behind this lesson is to get comfortable with resolving an idea over the bar line. We are simply going to displace the resolution point from the down beat to a different subdivision position in the bar. This idea can create some very musical applications of “tension and release”.

For our purposes in this lesson, we are going to focus on going from beat four of bar 1 to the new resolution point in bar 2.

Resolution Point #1 has us resolving on the “e” of the first beat of bar 2. That gives us five 16th notes to play with.

In Exercise 1 we are going to be using 16th notes for that five-note pattern. Both singles and mix stickings are to be used.

In Exercise 2 we are going to use 32nd notes. Now we have 10 notes to focus on for that transition. Again, both singles and mixed stickings are used.

Resolution Point #3 has us doing a much longer pattern to focus on. This time it starts on the “e” of four in bar 1, but now it resolves on the “&” of two in the second bar. This gives us 10 notes to work with.

Exercise 3 once again deals with 16th notes using both singles and mixed stickings.

Exercise 4 deals with 32nd notes, but this time we have 20 to work with.

Resolution Point #3 can be a bit tricky as it both starts and stops on different subdivisions in the given beat.

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