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Rhythmic Phrase Interpretation for Drum Set

This lesson is to be used with the “Micro Time 4 Bars 3” Rhythm Chain that can be found in the “Timing Chains” rhythm pack available in the SYNKD store.

The purpose of this lesson is to get us comfortable by filling in the rests of a rhythmic figure. This can add a lot of interesting tension and release to a musical passage.

Exercises 1-15 are all of the single beat components that will go in to playing the larger phrases. It is imperative that each one of these is mastered in individually before attempting to play the entire phrase.

In each exercise, the bass drum and ride cymbal play a different part of the 16th note alphabet in unison while the snare drum fills in the space. This can make fore great work outs for both hands, the bass drum foot and accuracy.

Exercises 16-18 have us applying this concept to a 2 bar phrase. Notice the amount of snare drum work your hand will have to do.

In exercise 17, I added some accents on the snare on beats 2 and 4 to apply this to a groove concept. Notice how the ride cymbal hand now occasionally moves down to the snare.

Exercise 18 is simply a 4-bar pattern. Bars 1-3 are just example 1 is 7 again with exercise 18 being a modified version of the second bar of exercise 17.

To make this more of a 4-limb coordination challenge, try playing quarter notes, eighth notes, and upbeats with your hi-hat foot underneath.

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