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Syncopated Odd Times Pt.1

This lesson is to be used in conjunction with the “7/8-4 Bar Phrase #1” chain that can be found in the “Essential Odd Times 1” Rhythm Pack available in the SYNKD store.

The purpose of this lesson is to get comfortable with playing syncopated rhythms inside of an odd time signature. This lesson will focus on groups of 7, 5 , and 4 as sixteenth notes.

Single Bar Exercises

Here is each bar isolated on its own. By focusing on each bar individually we can really dive into each accent and sticking variation. Use the bar isolation function in SYNKD in conjunction with each of these.

We are going to use both single strokes and mixed stickings for this lesson.

The first bar simply deals with two groups of 7. Notice how the accents flip against the pulse in the second grouping.

Now we are going do divide the bar into two groups of 5 and a group of 4. Notice the accent variation in the groupings of 5.

Now lets put the grouping of 4 in between the 5’s

Next we are going to start the bar with the 4-note grouping.

Finally here is the full 4-bar pattern, notice how the hands reverse when using the mixed stickings.

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