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Syncopated Odd Times Pt.2

This lesson is to be used in conjunction with the “7/8-4 Bar Phrase #1” chain that can be found in the “Essential Odd Times 1” Rhythm Pack available in the SYNKD store.

This lesson is an extension of “Syncopated Odd Times pt. 1” and it once again uses the same syncopated pattern. We will be focusing on adding flams to the pattern as well as playing it as 32nd notes.

As with the previous lesson, we are going to start by focusing on each bar at a time before combining them into the full exercise. Use the bar isolation function in SYNKD in conjunction with each of these.

Exercises 1-5 use flams for every accent. These become great endurance exercises.


Exercises 6-10 is a reinterpretation of the pattern. Instead of playing 16th notes as with the previous lesson, we will be using 32nd notes. They are both written as single strokes leading with either hand, and mixed sticks leading with either hand.


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