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Time Test Workout

This lesson is intended to be used in conjunction with the “Time Test-2 Bars” chain in the "Timing Chains" SYNKD Rhythm Pack.

The following exercises are designed to test not only your time, but also your endurance.

The basic frame work of all these exercises is a combination of a Paradiddle structure and Stone Killers. Stone Killers were developed by the late great Joe Morello and can be found in his classic book “Master Studies”.

The hand to hand organization of these exercises are the same as in a Paradiddle, but in more of a macro approach.

Eighth Notes

1.This first example uses the classic endurance builders 4 and 8 on a hand.

2. We will now up the workload per hand and go between 8 and 16 notes per hand. Remember to breathe and stay relaxed, especially at faster tempos.

3. Finally we are going to combine the first 2 exercises into a longer workout.

Sixteenth Notes

We are going to uses the exact same sticking structure as the previous section, but this time we are going to fill in with 16th notes. The constant motion of the hands can make these 3 exercises slightly more challenging than the Eighth Note ones.

I recommend setting a timer for a minimum of 5 minutes for each of these exercises. If done in this manner you will have had a solid 30 minute hand workout by the time you are done. I also recommend starting at a tempo that allows you to cleanly play the Sixteenth Note section with your non dominant side. Once you can breeze through the 30 minutes, try increasing the tempo by 5 bpm.

Another fun way to apply this is by focusing on various muscle groups. For example, on Day 1 you do wrist strokes with German Grip and Day 2 you do fingers French Grip.

Get creative with it.

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