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Update: Version 3.3.0 Available Now!

This update brings the addition of both MIDI Import/Export and Ghost Bars to the already robust features of SYNKD.


Did you develop a new practice exercise with a custom SYNKD Rhythm Chain? Share it with your friends! Are you a teacher creating exercises for your students? You can bulk export chains by folder and send them to your students! MIDI Import/Export now allows users to share chains and ideas with each other in a simple email-based format.  

Exporting MIDI will open an email window with the name of the Rhythm Chain in the subject line and instructions for importing in the body of the email.


The new "Ghost Bar" feature allows the user to select bars in a chain and silence them during playback.  This feature is a great way to develop rhythmic integrity and solidify time without relying on the chain as a crutch.  Optionally, the Reference Beat function can still be implemented to play the pulse while the rhythm is silenced.

To enable, simply double tap the measures you wish to silence and notice how the rhythms turn grey. To re-enable, double tap again.


Tuplet groupings are now labeled for easy identification in the note rate selection to make it a smoother experience when creating chains.  We have also cleaned up some notation issues.

Version 3.3.0 is available for immediate download via the Apple App Store!

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