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Introducing the Anika Nilles "Stickings & Subdivisions" SYNKD Rhythm Pack & E-Book

We are excited to announce the release of a new SYNKD Rhythm Pack in partnership with the great Anika Nilles!

Stickings & Subdivisions is a collection of over 50 of Anika’s favorite exercises all pre-programmed into SYNKD for use at any tempo along with valuable features like the Reference Beat function. Warm ups, note rate transitions, odd times, and polyrhythms are all covered. Along with the Rhythm Pack, users will receive a free download of the companion E-Book with all exercises notated along with stickings.

For most of the exercises in this book there are two Rhythm Chains that are designed to be used in conjunction with them. The first chain is the exercise verbatim. The second chains are the big markers of the figure- the key rhythmic accents. The purpose of this second approach is for you to really internalize the pattern and to be able to hear and feel it on your own and not just play along.

Anika Nilles is a world renowned drummer and music educator. She has performed at drum festivals and drum clinics around the globe. She has emerged as one of the leading drummers on social media with an Instagram following of over 300,000 and videos on YouTube with millions of views.

Download the SYNKD app here and purchase the Anika Nilles "Stickings & Subdivisions" SYNKD Rhythm Pack within the app. #GetSYNKD

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