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Paradiddles & 5-Stroke Rolls | Cellular Practice Method

Updated: Sep 13, 2023


If you missed our introductory post for this practice concept, be sure to read through it here.

Cellular Practice - Paradiddles & Five Stroke Rolls
Download PDF • 57KB


This exercise is designed to develop the ability to transition between any two rudiments, regardless of note rate and relationship. These two rudiments work well together due to the relationship between the note rates as well as the hand-to-hand nature of the stickings. This exercise develops into a great workout as you push the tempo.

Click the button above via your iOS device to download the SYNKD rhythm chain. If it's your first time downloading and importing files for rhythm chains with SYNKD, follow the instructions from this blog post.

If you experience issues with downloading the .mid file via Google Drive, tap the three dots in the top right corner of the screen, select "Open In" and then "Save to Files" to choose a destination. We recommend creating a folder for SYNKD rhythm chains.

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