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Six-Stroke Roll Variations | Cellular Practice Method


If you missed our introductory post for this practice concept, be sure to read through it here.

Cellular Practice - Six Stroke Roll Variations
Download PDF • 101KB


This exercise is designed to develop “burst speed” in a given pattern without sacrificing rhythmic integrity. By keeping the sticking the same, we can focus on really pushing the tempo.

It's easy to blend these two different rhythms because of the continuity of sticking. Consider starting out by playing the rhythm with traditional alternating sticking to lock in the changes between cells. Isolate any measures within the sequence that provide issues. Once you're ready, change to the six-stroke roll sticking.

For an added challenge, pick a tempo that you can just barely play the full bar of the thirty-second note pattern (B) at and then set a timer for five minutes.

Click the button above via your iOS device to download the SYNKD rhythm chain. If it's your first time downloading and importing files for rhythm chains with SYNKD, follow the instructions from this blog post.

If you experience issues with downloading the .mid file via Google Drive, tap the three dots in the top right corner of the screen, select "Open In" and then "Save to Files" to choose a destination. We recommend creating a folder for SYNKD rhythm chains.


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