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Hand Coordination | Cellular Practice Method


If you missed our introductory post for this practice concept, be sure to read through it here.

Cellular Practice - Hand Coordination
Download PDF • 57KB


This exercise is designed to get your hands comfortable with overlapping patterns. It's important to start out slow enough that you can consistently play the overlapping stickings as double stops- NOT flams. Try thinking of your right hand as the “riding hand” and the left as the “comping”.

It's also important to practice this exercise with both SYNKD rhythm chains- the right hand ostinato as well as the left hand changing pattern.

Once you get comfortable playing this on the pad, try it on the kit and put your right hand on the ride cymbal and the left hand on the snare drum. For an even greater coordination challenge, try playing it on top of a samba foot pattern!

Click the button above via your iOS device to download the SYNKD rhythm chain. If it's your first time downloading and importing files for rhythm chains with SYNKD, follow the instructions from this blog post.

If you experience issues with downloading the .mid file via Google Drive, tap the three dots in the top right corner of the screen, select "Open In" and then "Save to Files" to choose a destination. We recommend creating a folder for SYNKD rhythm chains.


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